Tuning service provided by Tilehouse Tunings Ltd

All pianos should be tuned regularly, about twice a year is normal for a domestic piano that is played frequently.

The 3 main factors that affect tuning stability are:

1) Temperature fluctuations. Putting pianos near heat sources or in direct sunlight are constantly expanding or contracting and never settle.

2) Humidity fluctuations. If the piano is in an area where there is cooking, clothes washing or clothes drying etc., then this will also un-settle the instruments delicate balance.

3) Playing, the more its played and the harder its played, the more it will need tuning. Professional players and piano teachers often have their pianos tuned every 3 or 4 months, concert pianos are tuned for every performance to keep them sounding their very best.

Please call to make an appointment with our main tuner Rupert Frost MPTA. Who has been tuning pianos since qualifying at one of the UKs leading training facilities in London in 1986. Rupert runs the tuning company Tilehouse Tunings Ltd with Peta Frost from the Piano shop and can be contacted via the shop phone number and email address. Rupert has spent his whole working life with pianos and is a member of the Piano Tuners Association who accept members only after a strict test of competence in both tuning and repairs. For more information on the Piano Tuners Association visit http://www.pianotuner.org.uk

Tuning costs are dependant on your area but start from just 80.00 for a standard local visit to tune your piano and if neccesary sort out minor mechanical problems at the same time such as a squeaky pedal or a sticking note, as long as nothing is actually broken or needs a second visit. If it has been a long time since your piano was last maintained, extra visits or other work may be necessary to bring it back to its best but no work that requires additional cost would be undertaken without prior consent.