Upright Piano Stock List January 2018

New (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Model 112 Modern in Black gloss casework. Also available in White. When space is limited but you still want a real piano then you won't find a better piano than one of these for the price. Very well made by the largest piano company in the world. More information on the company can be found here.. www.bentleymusic.co.uk..
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Model 115. In stock in both black and walnut finishes, A little bit taller than the 112. Looks more traditional too with its square legs supporting the keyboard. Also available in other finishes Mahogany and White. www.bentleymusic.co.uk
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Bentley Model 115, with the Walnut casework. Super instruments for the price, reliable, hard working and ideal for the modern home environment. Easy to play quietly but lots of power is available when the neighbours are out!
Steinhoven - Click picture to enlarge Steinhoven.
Model 121 in Black with Chrome fittings. Very good instruments with a fabulous sound, responsive action and superb value too. In the Black finish with Chrome fittings they also look spectacular!
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Model 112 Modern WITH GENIO PREMIUM SILENT SYSTEM. Same piano as the standard Model 112 but with added electronics to allow for headphones to be used when everyone else in the house has had enough of listening to your playing! You can also record onto memory stick, use built in metronome or use a whole range of different sounds. Very clever and very useful.

Second Hand

Eavestaff - Click picture to enlarge Eavestaff.
English mini piano from c1930s, A fine example of compact piano designing. It is amazing to see how much has been packed into such a small case. 6 octave keyboard. Available to buy or rent.
Crowley - Click picture to enlarge Crowley.
English c1920s in a very handsome mahogany case. A very good quality instrument when it was made c1920s with its good quality action and full iron overstrung frame this would easily keep up with the most demanding pianists. However that was nearly 100 years ago and with the exception of Oak trees, fine wines and Chopin I can think of very little that actually improves over that length of time with out major renovation, restoration or rebuilding. This Crowley piano is not in his first flush of youth, but he is still a very capable instrument able to take any keen player through the early years of learning.
£680 or Rent £30 a month
Baldwin - Click picture to enlarge Baldwin.
Made in USA c1980, Compact walnut case, full keyboard. Ideal piano to get you started. Lightly weighted action. Available to buy or rent.
£690 or rent for £30 a month
Nocturno - Click picture to enlarge Nocturno.
Made c1990s. Originally sold by us, it has been looked after very well and regularly tuned by us. Would make an excellent first piano with its light action and warm sound. Available to buy or rent.
£880 or Rent £40 a month including Tunings
Hupfeld - Click picture to enlarge Hupfeld.
Made in Germany c1990, Excellent Pianos to get started. Nice action, nice tone and over the years they have proved themselves to be very reliable. The compact mahogany casework always fades when it has been living in a light room even when not in direct sunlight but when it’s covered in music you wouldn’t notice and that keeps the price very low for the quality of instrument inside. Available to buy or rent.
£890 or Rent £40 a month including tunings
Royale - Click picture to enlarge Royale.
Made c1990, small modern style mahogany casework in a high gloss finish with full 88 note keyboard. Tuned to concert pitch, 3 pedals. Available to buy or rent. Rental option £40 per month including twice yearly tuning and a stool.
Seibel - Click picture to enlarge Seibel.
C1990s Model 108D in dark mahogany a contrasting black. Full 88 note action and keyboard in great condition throughout
£1280 or Rent for £50 a month
Samick - Click picture to enlarge Samick.
Made in South Korea c1990s, A very good little piano in a smart black gloss case. Available to buy or rent.
£1590 or Rent £55 a month inc. Tuning.
Kemble - Click picture to enlarge Kemble.
Made in Bletchley Milton Keynes c1992 this was one of the last years they made this very popular CLASSIC model. 3 pedals, small, quiet and very good condition inside and out. Lovely mahogany veneers, just 131cm wide.
Yamaha U1 - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha U1.
Model U1A Made in Hamamatsu Japan in 1986. Like all our secondhand Yamahas we only source the very best available, fabulous condition inside and out you would think it was brand new.
Kawai - Click picture to enlarge Kawai.
Model BS-40 c1989. Just the same as the other BS-40 recently sold, this is a fabulous big powerful instrument which gives as much dynamic range as a small grand and also has warmth, subtlety and finesse when required. Fun and rewarding to play.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U3M. Made in Japan c1982. A very good example of this very popular model. Sounds fantastic, looks fantastic and is a joy to play. We have been selling Yamaha’s like this for many many years and they have proved to be incredibly hard working, durable instruments. They are the favourite instrument of many teachers and students as well as the technicians like us.

In our workshops

Steinhof - Click picture to enlarge Steinhof.
Available soon, Small modern upright in a mahogany case. Just arrived in our workshop. In need of some tlc inside and out but will be an excellent starter piano when its ready. Available by the beginning of February.


All prices include: VAT. Local delivery. First tuning and 1 year guarantee.

List updated : 20/01/2018