Upright Piano Stock List May 2019

New (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Steinhoven - Click picture to enlarge Steinhoven.
Model 112 Traditional style with legs under the keyboard and slowfall lid. Japanesse hammers. Excellent quality instruments for the money. In stock in a beautiful walnut veneer under a high gloss polyester finish. Also available in black, white and mahogany.
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 110 in black gloss casework with the traditional styling of legs under the keyboard and chrome metal hinges and castors give it that modern look. The best new pianos available at this price and size that we have found. Made in The Pearl River factory in Guangzhou China, the largest piano factory in the world, making excellent pianos for some of the worlds top piano brands.
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 118. A very elegant looking instrument in black gloss finish, chromed hinges & pedals. Taller than the 110 giving it longer strings and a larger soundboard to produce a richer, fuller sound. Very good new instruments for the price. Also Available in White, Walnut and Mahogany finishes.

Second Hand

Starter pianos - Click picture to enlarge Starter pianos.
If you are not sure how serious you are about learning to play? Well you donít have to commit yourself to buying a piano or even tieing yourself into a year long rental agreement. Try one in your home from £150 delivered and tuned and if you donít want to continue after 2 months we collect it free of any further charge. Residential, ground floor premises only, other terms and conditions apply, please see the Rentals page in menu on the left for details and availability of stock for this very popular scheme.
Usually available from £25 per month plus £100 delivery.
Baldorr - Click picture to enlarge Baldorr.
Made in Eastern Europe c1980s small modern piano with warm tone and full keyboard. Great starter piano. Available to buy or rent
Lyrika - Click picture to enlarge Lyrika.
Made in Russia c1980. Small mahogany cabinet, full 88 note keyboard 3 pedals. Ideal starter piano. Available to buy or rent
£650 or rent £25 a month with stool and tunings included
Barrett & Robinson - Click picture to enlarge Barrett & Robinson.
Made in North London c1970s. This is a great starter piano if space is restricted with its 6 Octave keyboard it is 118cm wide and 102cm tall. It has just come back into the shop having been helping a new generation get started on their piano playing journey, they have now moved onto a larger full size model, this lovely little piano would suit a beginner and would be the ideal first piano to rent for a small child. As they progress they will need the full size keyboard but this will usually take at least a year or two, giving you time to plan for the full size instrument!
£740 or Rent £35 a Month
Ronisch - Click picture to enlarge Ronisch.
Made in Germany c1980 in a small mahogany case. Available now and will make an ideal starter piano to buy or rent.
£750 or Rent £35 a month
Zender - Click picture to enlarge Zender.
Made in the UK c1970. Compact casework of teak veneers. Full 7 octave keyboard. Only 132cm wide.
Eavestaff - Click picture to enlarge Eavestaff.
C1978 made in UK in a very small mahogany case just 130 cm wide but still with a full 7 octave keyboard. A lovely little piano which would fit into a space too tight for most full size pianos.
£920 or rent £40 a month
Seibel - Click picture to enlarge Seibel.
This piano is well known to us as we Supplied it new back in 2005 and we have been providing its regular servicing and tunings ever since. Excellent condition throughout this would make a great first piano and is perfectly capable of taking any keen player to the higher grades. Great tone, great action.
Reid Sohn - Click picture to enlarge Reid Sohn.
Made in 1994 this model 110 is in excellent condition with a great sound and great action. 3 pedals including a celeste middle pedal for very quiet play which is really useful for late night practice. Available to buy or rent
£1490 Or rent £59 a month
Reid-Sohn - Click picture to enlarge Reid-Sohn.
From South Korea c2003. Model SU121SP in Natural Oak. This is the SP (Special) variant of the already excellent SU121 range, which means it has the best quality felts and strings producing a lovely warm tone and very responsive action. The casework and insides are all in superb condition and looks brand new now that it has been through our workshop for a thorough service, tune and clean.
Kawai - Click picture to enlarge Kawai.
Model BS-40 c1989. this is a big powerful instrument which gives as much dynamic range as a small grand and also has warmth, subtlety and finesse when required. Fun and rewarding to play.
Was £4250 SPECIAL OFFER £3900
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Made in Japan c1981 Model U3H 131cm tall. A little bit older than I would normally choose to stock but this ones exceptional condition convinced me it was worth having in the shop. Being a few hundred pounds less than the U3A also helps!
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Made in Japan c1989, Model U10BL(U1)121cm tall. Another beautiful piano that has just arrived this week. Black gloss casework like new condition inside and out.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U3A made in Japan c1988. 131cm tall, fabulous condition throughout.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
One of a shipment that's just been delivered. Model U10A (U1) 121cm tall. Made in Hamamatsu Japan c1993. As with all our secondhand Yamahas we select the best possible examples available from the importers. Condition is like new inside and out.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U30A (U3) Made in Japan c1992. Another recent arrival in our shop. Big, powerful, wonderful. Immaculate condition. Hard working pianos ready for anything from the serious players practicing for hours each day to the beginner with big ambitions this piano will give years of enjoyment.

In our workshops

Welmar - Click picture to enlarge Welmar.
School model from 1964. Light oak case with lots of knocks and scuffs but surprisingly clear of graffiti, which means it must have spent its life in a lower school ( or a posh school). I'm not sure what to do with this one but if anyone is interested please make yourselves known to me, I can let it go very cheap but it has been played a lot and is too worn out to have much use as a fine instrument that it once was but could still go on for years as it is if its only used for very basic musical entertainment.


All prices include: VAT. Local delivery. First tuning and 1 year guarantee.

List updated : 25/05/2019