Upright Piano Stock List November 2018

New (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 110 in black gloss casework with the traditional styling of legs under the keyboard and chrome metal hinges and castors give it that modern look. The best new pianos available at this price and size that we have found. Made in The Pearl River factory in Guangzhou China, the largest piano factory in the world, making excellent pianos for some of the worlds top piano brands.
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 118 in a very elegant black gloss finish and chromed hinges & pedals etc. Taller than the 110, giving it longer strings and a larger soundboard to produce a richer, fuller, louder sound.
Sold but more stock is on the way

Second Hand

Starter pianos - Click picture to enlarge Starter pianos.
Not sure how serious you are about learning to play? Well you donít have to commit yourself to buying a piano or even tieing yourself into a year long rental agreement. Try one in your home from £150 delivered and tuned and if you donít want to continue after 2 months we collect for free. Residential, ground floor premises only, other terms and conditions apply, please see the Rentals page in menu on the left.
From £25 per month plus £100 delivery.
Spencer - Click picture to enlarge Spencer.
English c1938 with a rebuilt action and good quality overstrung frame this is still a great piano to play, casework is a bit scruffy and has acquired a few scuffs and scrapes over the years but I think this would make a good starter piano for youngsters as it is good sounding and good to play but because of its looks it is also a very good price.
£540 or rent for £25 a month including tuning and a stool
Barratt & Robinson - Click picture to enlarge Barratt & Robinson.
Made in London C1970s Mahogany full keyboard excellent starter piano. Great condition inside but casework has acquired a few dings and dents hence the relatively low price.
£790 or Rent £35 a month including all tunings
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Made in UK c1975. Compact model in a good mahogany case and a matching adjustable stool. Ideal starter piano as it has a light easy action and is relatively quiet compared to larger models. Available to buy or rent.
£790 or Rent £35 a month including tunings
Broadwood - Click picture to enlarge Broadwood.
John Broadwood, Green frame model, made in London c1910. Unusual to find one in an oak case this beautiful little piano has been extensively restored in the past probably about 20 years ago. It was given a complete new set of hammer felts along with many other new parts which is why it still plays so well considering it is over 100 years old. Available to buy or rent
£850 or rent £39 a month
Eavestaff - Click picture to enlarge Eavestaff.
Made by Rippen in Holland c1988. This is a nicely made piano with mahogany veneers and good quality Langer action. Available to buy or rent
Barratt & Robinson - Click picture to enlarge Barratt & Robinson.
Made in the Challen factory in Finsbury Park, North London. This a great example. Very small but still with a full keyboard, great sound and a light, easy action combine to make this a perfect piano for learning on. Looks good too in light teak veneers. Available to buy or Rent
£980 or Rent £45 a month incl. tuning
Welmar - Click picture to enlarge Welmar.
Made in UK c1977 Model A2 in Teak veneers. A bargain price for a good instrument. Casework is looking a little scruffy when viewed close up, hence the low price. Available to buy or rent
£980 or Rent £45 a month incl Tunings and stool
Reid-Sohn - Click picture to enlarge Reid-Sohn.
Model SU121 from c1986. Spectacular Blue casework that looks a bit brighter in the picture than it is in real life but it is a show-stopper. A rare and beautiful thing it is also a fantastic instrument. Made in S.Korea. Attracting a lot of smiles since we placed in our main window for everyone to see.
Atlas - Click picture to enlarge Atlas.
Just arrived this week. This is a very well made piano, rarely seen in the UK but made in 1985 in Hamamatsu Japan where all the best Japanese pianos are made, both Yamaha & Kawai are based there. In a beautiful satin walnut case this model 121 is lovely to play with a big sound and an action that feels just like its better known Japanese neighbours but because the maker is unknown here it is a fraction of the price.
Yamaha  - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha .
TO BE SOLD ON BEHALF OF LETCHWORTH GARDEN HOUSE HOSPICE An excellent Model U3AS from c1990 in black gloss case with full Sostenuto 3rd pedal. Very good condition inside and out. ALL proceeds of the sale to go directly to the hospice. We can arrange delivery and future tunings at our very competitive rates if required. Grab a bargain and help an excellent local service at the same time.
Offers invited over £3500
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U1A Made in Hamamatsu Japan c 1986. One of our latest arrivals and like all our secondhand U range Yamahas it is in as new condition inside and out, with huge savings on the price of a new U range Yamaha it is not surprising that these are our best selling pianos.
Kawai - Click picture to enlarge Kawai.
Model BS-40 c1989. this is a big powerful instrument which gives as much dynamic range as a small grand and also has warmth, subtlety and finesse when required. Fun and rewarding to play.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U3A Made in Japan c1987. Another fabulous new arrival at the shop. Bigger than the U1ís it has loads of power as well as finesse. As new condition inside and out.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model YU1 (U1), Made in Hamamatsu Japan c1998. Another lovely example of this popular model. With immaculate casework and like new condition inside it is very good value. Slow-down key cover to avoid any squashed fingers too.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U30A (U3) Made in Japan c1992. Another new arrival in our shop. Big, powerful, wonderful. Immaculate condition. Hard working pianos ready for anything from the serious players practicing for hours each day to the beginner with big ambitions this piano will give years of enjoyment.

In our workshops

Welmar - Click picture to enlarge Welmar.
School model from 1964. Light oak case with lots of knocks and scuffs but surprising clear of graffiti, which means it must of spent its life in a lower school. I'm not too sure what to do with this one but if anyone is interested please make yourselves known to me, I can let it go very cheap!
W H Barnes - Click picture to enlarge W H Barnes.
Made in UK c1930s, this cute little piano with its 6 octave keyboard has attracted a lot of attention due to its beautiful cabinet. I donít often buy old pre 1950s pianos for renovations as so many are looking too old fashioned and scruffy. However this one is a definite exception. Because it has only a 6 octave range it is unusually small but the proportions are just right so it just looks like it hasnít grow up into a real full size piano yet. Ideal if space is tight but not ideal if you need a full keyboard on your piano.


All prices include: VAT. Local delivery. First tuning and 1 year guarantee.

List updated : 10/11/2018