Upright Piano Stock List June 2021

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Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 112s in black and in stock. Super little pianos for a very affordable budget under £3k for now but price rises expected to take effect from the next shipment due to huge increases in freight costs
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 110 in black gloss casework with the traditional styling of legs under the keyboard and chrome metal hinges and castors give it that modern look. The best new pianos available at this price and size that we have found. Made in The Pearl River factory in Guangzhou China, the largest piano factory in the world, making excellent pianos for some of the worlds top piano brands. Current stock prices held at old prices but future stock leaving factory now will be at least £200 more due to increased container freight costs. Grab our last one at this price!
Ritmuller  - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller .
Model 112 in white with chrome fittings.. A fabulous little piano with good quality action and looks to match. New stock on order, should be in showroom by July. This will be the last one at this price, future shipments for later in the year have gone up in price by at least £200 per piano due to rising freight costs.
Ritmuller  - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller .
Model RS122. From their Superior range. In stock in black with chrome fittings. Very good to play and itís rich deep tone gives a warm all consuming feeling that makes it very easy to loose yourself in your playing for hours. We have sold more of this model since itís launch 2 years ago than we have the ubiquitous secondhand U range of Yamaha, which is usually the highest seller by a long way. The excellent design and build quality of these Pearl River factory pianos is getting very difficult to ignore. The Ritmuller name does not have the same pedigree and heritage of some other makes like Yamaha and Kawai who can trace their piano making credentials back generations but Pearl River have been investing very heavily and developing their ideas and designs relentlessly for the past 40 years. It is only a matter of time before we see their pianos on our concert stages and getting their brands into the public eye. The quality is definitely comparable to better known makes but the prices of the Ritmuller range are currently a lot less. Like Yamaha used to be back in the 70s and 80s when they were much cheaper than the mainstream rivals, now Yamaha are the mainstream and Ritmuller Pianos are setting new standards selling high specification instruments at entry level prices. All prices set to increase by at least £200 by next shipment due to increased world container shipping price rises. Don't delay, come and try them all now.
Ernst Krause - Click picture to enlarge Ernst Krause.
Model 126 in black gloss finish. Brand new range for us. A big piano with a similarly big sound. Worth every penny these are very impressive instruments and at under £5K Including an adjustable stool they are a serious contender in this crowded price bracket.
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model RS130. The largest of the Ritmuller upright range. Great dynamic range and finesse. A popular model that never stays in stock for long. We have one on the way and should be with us by July. Future shipments will be at a higher price due to increased freight costs so call in soon to secure one before the increase hits us all.
£5499 New stock arriving by July
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model RSH121 Brand new model and range. From their newly created top of the range Premium line featuring improvements to many aspects of the material specifications of their already excellent Superior line. Improvements including solid spruce bridges and tapered spruce soundboards all help to build up a superbly rich and engaging tone. The action has also been improved with a smoothness and subtlety rarely found in pianos under £10k. Our Current stock is all sold and all stock en-route expected in next few weeks is also now sold. Next shipment of available stock estimated for end of summer but supply chain is prone to various unscheduled delays and potential price increases so don't rely on this estimate.
Currently Sold out

Second Hand

Starter pianos - Click picture to enlarge Starter pianos.
Rent first If you have any doubts about how serious you are about learning to play. You donít have to commit to buying a piano or even tying yourself into a year long rental agreement. Try one in your home for 2 months from £150 delivered and tuned and if you donít want to continue after 2 months we collect it free of charge. Residential, ground floor premises only, other terms and conditions apply, please see the Rentals page in menu on the left for details of this very popular scheme.
Usually available from £25 per month plus £100 delivery.
Zender - Click picture to enlarge Zender.
6 Octave model, Made in the UK c1980 in high gloss mahogany casework. Lovely little piano for small spaces.
Zender - Click picture to enlarge Zender.
English c1970s. Black, Very small casework, full 7 octave keyboard. Available to buy or rent.
£950 or Rent £45 a month
Neumayer - Click picture to enlarge Neumayer.
Old but fabulous. This handsome piano was made about 100 years ago. Has beautiful rosewood casework and It has been restrung and extensively restored in the past so is in much better condition than most pianos from this era.
£950 or Rent £45 a month
Calisia - Click picture to enlarge Calisia.
Recently arrived in our showrooms from the workshop where it was given a good service and tune. Now its ready to get another generation started. Built c1990 with lovely mahogany gloss casework.
£990 or Rent £45 a month incl. all tunings.
Fazer - Click picture to enlarge Fazer.
Popular Finlandia model made in Helsinki Finland c1990 . Just returned from a successful stint out on rental. Great starter piano with a light responsive action.
£990 or Rent £45 a month
Eavestaff - Click picture to enlarge Eavestaff.
Made in the 1990s This is a good little piano in smart looking mahogany case with a high gloss finish. Good tone and good feel to the keys, an all round excellent smallish piano and fantastic value under £1500. Also available to rent.
£1450 or Rent £55 a month
Chappell - Click picture to enlarge Chappell.
Model H c1991 3 pedal, Mahogany casework. Lovely condition and an excellent quality small instrument.
£1880 or Rent £59 a month including regular tuning
Knight - Click picture to enlarge Knight.
Model K10 from late 1970s in beautiful walnut casework. Photo doesn't do it justice as the grain has a distinctive tiger stripe when viewed at certain angles, an effect created by rays in the grain.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
This is the M1 model from c1975. Fabulous quality Japanese made instruments that sold in large numbers throughout Europe and the rest of the world in the 60s & 70s. The reason they sold so well was because they were better and cheaper than their complacent competition and shook the industry to its core. Yamaha went from strength to strength, over-coming the initial prejudice to become the biggest producer of pianos in the world and are now seen as a bench mark standard of consistency and reliability for other manufacturers to aspire to. Our example has been given a thorough clean and re-polish on the outside but the insides are in very good shape. Just some light restoration and new set of loop chords for the hammer springs as is always required by these 70s Yamahas.
Reid-Sohn - Click picture to enlarge Reid-Sohn.
Model RS118RI c2010 gloss walnut with inlaid band around top and bottom panels. Very traditional looking and beautiful but with all the advantages of being recently made with modern seasoned timbers and synthetic glues to live happily in a modern home with modern heating. Unlike the actual traditional pianos from over 80 years ago with their dried out animal glue structures that have been seriously weakened by years of drying and shrinking in homes they were never designed for.
Kawai - Click picture to enlarge Kawai.
Made in Hamamatsu Japan in 1979. Fabulous instruments from one of the worlds great makers. Koichi Kawai established his own manufacturing business in 1927 after working for many years for his neighbour Torakusu Yamaha from a very young age, helping Yamaha build some of his first pianos.
Kemble - Click picture to enlarge Kemble.
Made in Milton Keynes This is the Concerto model from 2008 with factory fitted Silent system. Lovely dark walnut casework in excellent condition throughout. Supplied with brand new headphones but please bring your own headphones to try it out in our showroom whilst keeping your visit Covid safe.

In our workshops

Nordiska - Click picture to enlarge Nordiska.
Made c2005. Model 118 in a lovely walnut case. Just arrived in our workshop, will be available as soon as we have given it a thorough service, tune and a polish to bring back to showroom condition.
Boyd - Click picture to enlarge Boyd.
6 octave keyboard, c1970s Details to follow
Bentley  - Click picture to enlarge Bentley .
Ex school, oak casework, c1970s Details to follow
Danemann - Click picture to enlarge Danemann.
Built for school life c1970. These are fabulous quality instruments, unfortunately most of these pianos have lived their lives in schools are now too worn out or bashed about to be viable instruments. However, Occasionally we find them with lots left to offer like this one. It is a bit scruffy and scuffed on the outside but inside it is all still working really nicely and will be fun to play for years to come. If you remember your school days with affection then this could be just the piano for you, maybe not as a centre piece in your living room but it would be ideal in a Childs playroom or studio. Available soon to buy or rent
John Broadwood - Click picture to enlarge John Broadwood.
A Square piano from c1830s. I am keen to save this from the skip so please make yourself known to us if you can make a home for it!. A beautiful piece of piano history, it is what every Georgian home desired. Made by the best makers of the day. It still makes a noise but whether it can be tuned to any useful level is doubtful. Needs work cosmetically as one of the legs is not safe. Free to a good home!
Free Pianos - Click picture to enlarge Free Pianos.
Often available from the back of our workshop, pianos that are beyond economical repair but might have a use as an alternative function. Perhaps by being converted into a bookcase or desk, a work of art or even just as firewood. Free to collect or for a small fee we could deliver one locally when we have space on our van. Please call us or call in for further details


All prices include: VAT. Local delivery. First tuning and 1 year guarantee.

List updated : 19/06/2021