Upright Piano Stock List November 2017

New (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Fresh stock arrived today (Monday) Model 112 Modern in Black gloss casework. Also available in White. When space is limited but you still want a real piano then you won't find a better piano than one of these for the price. Very well made by the largest piano company in the world. More information on the company can be found here.. www.bentleymusic.co.uk..
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Model 115. In stock in both black and walnut finishes, A little bit taller than the 112. Looks more traditional too with its square legs supporting the keyboard. Also available in other finishes,, Mahogany and White www.bentleymusic.co.uk
Steinhoven - Click picture to enlarge Steinhoven.
Model 121 in Black with Chrome fittings. Very good instruments with a fabulous sound, responsive action and superb value too. In the Black finish with Chrome fittings they also look spectacular!
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Model 112 Modern WITH GENIO PREMIUM SILENT SYSTEM. Same piano as the standard Model 112 but with added electronics to allow for headphones to be used when everyone else in the house has had enough of listening to your playing! You can also record onto memory stick, use built in metronome or use a whole range of different sounds. Very clever and very useful.

Second Hand

Hopkinson - Click picture to enlarge Hopkinson.
Made in uk c1970s, compact design with teak casework. Good condition but getting some tlc in our workshop this week, to buy or rent
Royale - Click picture to enlarge Royale.
Made c1990, small modern style mahogany casework in a high gloss finish with full 88 note keyboard. Tuned to concert pitch, 3 pedals. Available to buy or rent. Rental option £40 per month including twice yearly tuning and a stool.
Ronisch - Click picture to enlarge Ronisch.
European piano from c1970s in a mahogany case. Full keyboard with a soft mellow tone. 2 Pedal but has the equivalent of a 3rd (Practice) pedal operated via a lever under the keyboard. Available to buy or rent.
Eavestaff - Click picture to enlarge Eavestaff.
Just arrived in our workshop. This small upright piano from the late 1970s has a full 7 octave keyboard but is very compact, just 130cm wide. Made in UK with teak casework. Available to buy or rent
Chappell - Click picture to enlarge Chappell.
Made in Bletchley, Milton Keynes c1980. Good quality throughout. Available to buy or rent. Taller than it looks, this helps to give it a rich tone with depth and warmth.
£1650 or Rent £55 a month
Carlmann - Click picture to enlarge Carlmann.
c2005 small modern style upright in gloss black casework.
Welmar - Click picture to enlarge Welmar.
Model A2 c1979 in mahogany case. Fabulous condition inside and out with a beautiful sound and responsive action. A joy to play.
2 x Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge 2 x Yamaha.
Model U1A Made in Hamamatsu Japan in 1986. Like all our secondhand Yamahas we only source the very best available, fabulous condition inside and out you would think they were brand new. We have 2 of these to choose from, exactly the same model and from the same year. We have put them in different areas of the showroom to hear how different they can sound depending on whether in a carpeted area or in a room with hard floors. The difference is very noticeable.
£4150 (each)
Kawai - Click picture to enlarge Kawai.
Model BS-40 made in Japan c1988. From the age of 12 in the year 1900 Koichi Kawai was hired by Torakusu Yamaha to help make pianos in Hamamatsu Japan. 27 years later, long after Torakusu Yamahas death, Koichi Kawai along with 6 associates established their own company. Still going strong today, Kawai pianos are celebrating their 90th year and produce a huge range of instruments from small keyboards to concert grands and the Boston range of pianos for the worlds best know piano makers Steinway & Sons. Their quality is always superb, their tone is often slightly warmer than Yamahas and their actions are very responsive and fun to play. This model, the BS40 is one of their larger upright models so it has a huge bass sound from its long strings and large soundboard.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
U30A Made in Hamamatsu Japan c1994. Fabulous instrument in beautiful condition. Like new inside and out but a fraction of the cost. Very powerful sound with rich bass notes and bell like treble.

In our workshops

Schreiber - Click picture to enlarge Schreiber.
Made c1980 by Barrett & Robinson of London. Compact design but still with a good sound and responsive action. Available soon to buy or rent
Kemble - Click picture to enlarge Kemble.
Available soon, Supplied by us a few years ago and regularly tuned and serviced by us. Coming back at the end of November.


All prices include: VAT. Local delivery. First tuning and 1 year guarantee.

List updated : 20/11/2017