Upright Piano Stock List August 2018

New (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Bentley Model 115, with the Walnut casework. Super instruments for the price, reliable, hard working and ideal for the modern home environment. Easy to play quietly but lots of power is available when you have the house to yourself!
Was £2990 SALE PRICE £2490
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
Model 110 in black gloss casework with the traditional styling of legs under the keyboard and chrome metal hinges and castors give it that modern look. The best new pianos available at this price and size that we have found. Made in The Pearl River factory in Guangzhou China, the largest piano factory in the world, making excellent pianos for some of the worlds top piano brands.
Was £2999 SALE PRICE £2499
Steinhoven - Click picture to enlarge Steinhoven.
Model 121 in Black with Chrome fittings. Very good instruments with a fabulous sound, responsive action and superb value too. In the Black finish with Chrome fittings they also look spectacular!
Was £3250 SALE PRICE £2750
Ritmuller - Click picture to enlarge Ritmuller.
EXPECTED next week. Model 118 in black with chrome hinges, pedals etc. Like the 110 listed above but taller, giving it space for longer strings and a larger soundboard, this helps to produce a richer, fuller, louder sound.
Available very soon

Second Hand

Starter pianos - Click picture to enlarge Starter pianos.
Not sure how serious you are about learning to play? Well you don’t have to commit yourself to buying a piano or even tieing yourself into a year long rental agreement. Try one in your home from £150 delivered and tuned and if you don’t want to continue after 2 months we collect for free. Residential, ground floor premises only, other terms and conditions apply, please see the Rentals page in menu on the left.
From £25 per month plus £100 delivery.
Nocturno - Click picture to enlarge Nocturno.
Made c1990s.3 pedals. Originally sold by us, it has been looked after very well and regularly tuned by us. Would make an excellent first piano with its light action and warm sound. Available to buy or rent.
£880 or Rent £40 a month including Tunings
Kemble - Click picture to enlarge Kemble.
Made in Milton Keynes c1982. This is the Classic II model with 88 notes and 3 pedals. A lovely little instrument available to buy or rent.
£980 or Rent £45 a month incl. stool & Tunings
Rogers - Click picture to enlarge Rogers.
Made in London c1974. Excellent 70s look with its Teak veneers and the ‘Buck Rogers’ style of the Name plate. Inside you will find a fabulous little instrument, we have given it a thorough service, clean and tune and is now available to rent or buy.
£980 or Rent £45 a month Incl. tunings
Hopkinson - Click picture to enlarge Hopkinson.
English c1975 in great condition with a small teak case and full keyboard. Ideal rental to get you started.
£980 or rent for £45 a month incl. tunings
Bentley - Click picture to enlarge Bentley.
Made in Woodchester Mills Gloucestershire c1981. Model 85C in very small mahogany case. 1 owner from new, still with copy of original purchase receipt. Loved and looked after by original owner who was very sad to see it go, but now needs to find it a new home. We have just finished a thorough service and tuned it to concert pitch. This would be an excellent instrument for beginner or more advanced player where space is limited.
£1090 or Rent for £49 a month including tuning
Seibel - Click picture to enlarge Seibel.
A Lovely model 108 model from the makers of Steinmayer Pianos. Sold new by us c2003 and maintained by us regularly although it is showing very little evidence of use. Ideal starter piano as it is compact yet fun to play with a touch that is neither too light or too heavy. Great condition casework, full 88 note keyboard. Available to buy or rent.
Steinmayer - Click picture to enlarge Steinmayer.
Multi award winning Model 108 in Black gloss finish. Made c2008, fabulous condition. A New one of these would cost £2479 but you can save yourself over £800 with this one. We supplied this one from new and have been regularly tuning it.
£1650 or Rent for £55 a month incl tuning twice a year and stool.
Bechendorfer - Click picture to enlarge Bechendorfer.
Made c2000, these good quality little pianos are always popular with players of all standards. This one is in a rarely found oak case which is in fabulous condition. Includes a seat with lift up lid for music storage.
£1780 Or Rent for £65 a month including all tunings
Chappell - Click picture to enlarge Chappell.
Made in Milton Keynes by the Kemble/Yamaha group c1988. Very good condition Model 114 with the excellent Langer 100 action. Just been through our workshop where it had a thorough service, clean regulation and tune. Our polisher has done a wonderful job on the casework too. Looks new again.
Irmler - Click picture to enlarge Irmler.
New c2012 at just 6 years old this model P122E is a rare find. Only lightly used and still in great condition this offers something quite different to the Yamahas of similar size. Bold powerful sound and firm touch to the keys. These are over £5300 new.
Kawai - Click picture to enlarge Kawai.
Model BS-40 c1989. this is a fabulous big powerful instrument which gives as much dynamic range as a small grand and also has warmth, subtlety and finesse when required. Fun and rewarding to play.
Yamaha - Click picture to enlarge Yamaha.
Model U30BL Made in Hamamatsu Japan c1988. This is another fabulous restored example. U3 size (131cm tall) and in pristine condition inside and out. Sounds rich and powerful when played hard yet it easily plays with great finesse and subtlety when required

In our workshops

Kemble - Click picture to enlarge Kemble.
Made in Milton Keynes c1983. Classic Model in a small mahogany case. Just arrived in our workshops will have a thorough clean service and tune to be available soon.


All prices include: VAT. Local delivery. First tuning and 1 year guarantee.

List updated : 10/08/2018