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Model BS-40 made in Japan c1988. From the age of 12 in the year 1900 Koichi Kawai was hired by Torakusu Yamaha to help make pianos in Hamamatsu Japan. 27 years later, long after Torakusu Yamahas death, Koichi Kawai along with 6 associates established their own company. Still going strong today, Kawai pianos are celebrating their 90th year and produce a huge range of instruments from small keyboards to concert grands and the Boston range of pianos for the worlds best know piano makers Steinway & Sons. Their quality is always superb, their tone is often slightly warmer than Yamahas and their actions are very responsive and fun to play. This model, the BS40 is one of their larger upright models so it has a huge bass sound from its long strings and large soundboard.

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