1064_Yamaha YU10 c2002.jpg


Model YU10 (U1) Made in 2002. Black gloss casework with Slow fall to help avoid squashed fingers! The YU10 is an improved version of the standard U1 although on the outside it looks very similar. The only visible differentiating feature are the vents in the front panel to help project the sound directly to the player, other hidden features are the curved bass bridge, double felted hammers and full wrap around iron frame. This is much younger than most of the secondhand Yamahas available and as most of our carefully chosen 1980s & 90s rebuilt Yamahas look like new you wont be surprised that this one is also indistinguishable from our new stock. A New YU Model this size costs about 10500, that's about 1500 more than the standard U ranges, finding good secondhand ones like this will save you over 5000...that's enough for about 5 years of piano lessons!

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