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  950 Or Rent 45 a month Incl Tuning & Stool

Originally built for use in schools these were fabulous and expensive instruments when they were new. Built between 1930s -1980s and designed to be easily moved about on big wheels, be heard across a packed classroom and survive years of knocks and scrapes. They are mostly pale colour nearly always solid Oak and built to a very high standard to withstand years of hard work. However, sadly most of the examples still around have by now been subjected to years and years of hard work and hard school life. Pushed around from class to class or left in practice rooms to be abused by bored and reluctant students, covered in graffiti, vandalised, covered in staples and drawing pins where notices have been crudely posted. etc. etc. Survivors with this type of history are exhausted and beyond economical repair and Regrettably the only sensible outcome is to scrap them. But the good news is occasionally they turn up like this one....Made in 1972 this one must have been in a very good school. Still looking bright and clean with all its keys and casework intact. The action is showing some minor wear but it has obviously been respected and cherished. Sounds fantastic and would still be good for many years in a school, public hall or church etc but equally could be at home in a domestic setting.

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