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  Rent for £25 a month including a stool and regular tuning

Beautiful example of a late Victorian era German upright piano. It is mostly original and considering its age it is in amazing condition. However, pianos are full of very delicate felts, cloths, springs and leather pads. Even if a piano hasn’t been abused or worn-out over the years Pianos of this age are very delicate, held together with glues that are not as robust as modern glues and were not designed to live in the warm dry homes we all want to live in. A good analogy I was told many years ago is to think of them as a classic car, any car that is from a previous generation that has been cherished and maintained or even one that has had many hours restoring it to its original factory condition will stay like that for years and years if it isn’t used much. But if you treat it like a new car and use it regularly for a daily commute or drive it hard up & down the motorway for hours on end the old car will very quickly start to fall apart and let you down. Pianos are just the same, if you treat them well and use them lightly they will last for generations but if you want to play a lot or with gusto you will be better off with a younger instrument . I have listed this one for rent only but would consider any reasonable offers on the understanding that long guarantees for these old instruments are not possible.

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