1312_Yamaha YU11 c2012.jpg


Model YU11. In appearance this is much the same as the ubiquitous U1 However, the U1 is built in their Indonesian factory where all their mass production is based these days. The high end and top quality models are still made in Hamamatsu Japan which is where this YU11 was made in c2012. It is only 10 years old and has obviously been well cared for but not played much. All wood work inside and casework outside looks bright and new, all felts and pads showing very little evidence of use. The phrase "As good as new" is used far too often to describe modern second-hand pianos, particularly Yamahas but this one really does deserve it and with a new price in excess of £10k with unprecedented production and shipping delays of over a year for some models, I don't know why I've still got this one. Must be because it's nice weather outside. However, as soon as Autumn draws near when we start seeing the darker evenings again we always return our thoughts to indoor pursuits and this will be one of the first to get snapped up!

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