Renn – Sold

6 Octave keyboard. C1960s


Made by the Bentley factory c1960s. A very small piano with a 6 octave keyboard, making it a great choice for a small room but it will restrict your playing to some of the simpler or earlier piano works.

A modern full size piano has at least a 7 octave keyboard but the piano has evolved gradually since it was first invented in C1709 in Florence with only 4 octaves of keys, it has gradually grown and by Beethoven’s time the various pianos he had at his disposal went from 5 to 6 octaves, Chopin had 6 1/2 Octaves for most of his career and it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the great players and composers had 7 octaves to play with. The standard now is 7 1/4 Octaves (88 notes) but obviously nearly all the piano music written before the 1850s was written to be played on 6 octaves or less which is a huge choice.


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United Kingdom