Bluthner Aliquot – Antique

6ft 3in, Style 8. Made in Germany c1908. Rosewood


This fabulous old grand piano, Rebuilt back in the 1990s with new strings and many new action components and felts but retaining its beautiful light rosewood casework, has an elegance and age derived beauty that is missing from the newer and repolished instruments. Just like our other antique grand pianos we are hoping to find a new home for this one as it is, with its wonderful history available for all to see and would be willing to consider any reasonable offer from anyone prepared to give it a good home.

It is over 100 years old (Built c1908) and the mechanism is going to be more delicate than a modern one due to the old glues and therefore not suitable for a heavy handed player or teacher or other professional who would need a piano that can withstand being pounded for hours a day. However, if you are a casual player who doesn’t feel the need to be heard 2 streets away and you have a large room that won’t get too warm in the summer or too dry in the winter then this is a wonderful piano that could melt your heart.

The Bluthner Abstract (or “L” Spring) grand actions of this era are unique, they are really smooth to play and need noticeably less pressure to make the keys play, making them so much more enjoyable if you find modern pianos too heavy to play or if you have been used to weighted electric piano keys.

Being just under 2m long this has the benefit of long strings with a large soundboard so sounds rich with great dynamics but because its a Bluthner it is also warm and homely, the opposite of the old Bechstein we also have which is loud and powerful and definitely does want to heard 2 streets away!

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