WG 150


These are described by the main retailer and importer of the brand as an entry level grand, and it is fair to say that it is one of the cheapest on the market at £7999 New. However, that does not mean they are of low quality. In the past 50 years the quality of even entry level grands has improved so much and these Weber 150 grands are often found in the homes of piano teachers, recording studios and even the practice rooms of music colleges.  That would never have been the case back in the 1930s when the cheapest grands on the market were made for looks rather than to be played with very basic mechanisms and strings so short they sounded worse than most mid sized uprights. Even by the 1970s & 80s there were many poor quality and cheap grand pianos coming in from the old soviet block countries which had poor quality felts, strings, soundboards and other materials. These have mostly been skipped by now but we still come across a few on our tuning rounds.

This Weber G150 is currently available in stock and we have decided to make it irresistible by  including it in our sale. Only one available and when its gone I doubt I will be able to source another grand of this quality, that looks this good at this price for a while.

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