Fazer (Sold)

Made in Finland c1987 Model Finlandia CHB


This one was sold new by ourselves back in the late 1980s, they were our best selling make of piano back then. Put together just outside Helsinki in Finland in a very modern factory using good quality actions and keys made by Europe’s leading piano parts manufacturers; Herrburger Brooks of Nottingham, UK

Unlike other makers who produced a range of upright pianos and usually grand pianos as well, Fazer concentrated on one product, the 109cm tall upright. They fitted it with different style and colour cases but internally they were all exactly the same. This meant their factory was very efficient compared to most of their rivals and they were able to make good quality instruments at very competitive prices. For a while they dominated the domestic and European markets, exporting approx. 70% of everything they produced.

When South Korean and then Chinese pianos started coming onto the market during the 1990s they struggled, like many other producers and by the mid 1990s had ceased trading.

There are lots still going strong, with their solid innards they continue to be popular instruments.



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Finland & UK

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